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With VITAMIN IV we'll help your muscles gain strength and endurance
To promote smoother recovery: To minimize inflammation and pain after exercise and promote a faster recovery, some athletes seek out for our VitaminIVs that contain glutathione, vitamin C and other antioxidants thought to promote wound healing and reduce oxidative stress that leads to post-workout soreness.

Your body burns carbohydrates, fat and protein extremely fast during any intense physical activity. Although these macro-nutrients are not difficult to replace, you must consume the right micro-nutrients to convert your food into energy. This may not be difficult, but it can be tricky. In the meantime, you will be feeling the fatigue, soreness and dehydration after a hard training session. Even after an extremely intense athletic event, you can experience a much faster recovery. This is the reason VitaminIV therapy for athletes was created.

Indication Mobile drips:
Extreme Sports - Running, Cycling, Swimming, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Motorsports, Surfing, Sky Diving, Snow Boarding, Climbing, Tennis, Boxing, MMA, Flying, Adventure and much more.

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